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Virtual Information and Communications Games is a one of a kind company that can provide your business with "winning" on-line promotions utilizing proven and proprietary game technology. The promise of something for nothing is a lure most people can't resist and an area where most businesses need expert help. Knowing which form and application a game should take is critical to the success of your online objectives.Virtual Information & Communications Game Development and SmartPhone Application has tracked and measured hundreds of games and conducted extensive market research. We know which sweepstakes, contest or e-learning tactic to recommend. We make your promotion "play hard" providing you an inexpensive way to trade prizes and rewards for an opportunity to influence behavior and gain loyal customers. Game design is the process of designing the content and rules of a game. The term is also used to describe both the game design embodied in an actual game as well as documentation that describes such a design

Action Game

As the name suggests, action games have everything to do with fighting, guns, killing bad guys & saving the world. Action also happens to be the most well-known of all genres and the most controversial at the same time. While gamers and developers go gaga over the latest action games, they also come in for a lot of flak from the media for promoting violence. The action genre has many sub-genres. A few of them are:


Strategy games place the spotlight on the player’s thinking & decision-making abilities. That’s why some people call strategy games “the thinking man’s game”. The strategy genre can be further sub-divided into

Puzzle : Puzzle games involve solving puzzles, which could involve logic, pattern recognition, and strategy. These games are extremely popular because of their simplicity and ease of use. Tetris, Minesweeper and Solitaire are examples of puzzle games.

Real-time Strategy Games : As the name implies, the action in such games takes place in real-time—that is, the state of the game is constantly changing. Hence the player has to always be on his toes and keep modifying his strategy to match changing environments. These are known as RTS games In short, and have become extremely popular today.

Board games : Board games are simply digitized versions of classic board games. Games such as backgammon, chess, and checkers have all been made for computers, as you’re probably aware.

Sims : ‘Sim’ is short for ‘simulator’. Sims are simulator games that usually put their focus on strategy.



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My dream was to be a game designer , and after learning from virtualinfocom, I've got 3 great jobs to choose upon. Now I am working at Tech BLA for the last 8 months and really happy the way virtualinfocom trained me.
Dibakar Mondal
Game Designer, Tech BLA



Awarded Star Enterprise 2011 in Innovation